Best AR Scope

While the jury is still out on why anyone outside of a military unit could really need an assault rifle, the fact of the matter is that if you have one of these vicious, powerful weapons, you’re going to need a good scope to help you make the perfect shot. While often looked at as a glamorous and sometimes unnecessary extra on most weapons, a good scope can help you hit your target better, regardless of your current abilities.

To determine what kind of scope you want, a big determination rests on how far away from your target you would want to be. There are a number of close range scopes, best described as holographic scopes, that provide a wide lens, but no magnification. This is the sort of scope that you would want to use if you are hunting vermin from the front porch of your Appalachian estate and the vermin are just gnawing away at your front steps. Given its accuracy, though, the best assault rifle scope is going to be something with a lot of distance.

If you find yourself in the jungles of local hunting grounds, possibly behind a Wal-Mart or even near a state park, keeping your distance from the most vicious predators is especially important. Nothing helps keep that distance quite like a long scope. The best long range scope is from the leader in all lens making: Nikon

The Nikon P-223 BDC 600 4-12×40 is the perfect long range scope for your killing machine. If you don’t know what the numbers mean, here is an easy breakdown. The P-223 is the model number, the 600 is the shooting range, and the 4-12×40 is the magnification. Why is this the best scope with the best optics? Let’s look closer!

First, we will start with the 600. This scope is guaranteed to shoot a target with precise accuracy at as much as 600 yards. That’s six football fields! You’ll have plenty of time to plan your next move when you are literally out of the targets field of sight. With the BDC reticle, you can even more precisely aim at your target.

While 600 yards may seem pretty far, it won’t matter since you have the 4-12×40 magnification. This number, broken down, means you have a variable zoom of 4-12 times normal, with optics variations up to 40 times normal. Suddenly 600 yards is as close as the outhouse behind your back porch. The only con of this awesome accessory is that the brightness can fade a bit in your view the closer you zoom in.

So, if you’re choosing an assault rifle to get the job done, make sure you choose the right accessories. Other than safety and precaution, a scope is next in line to provide accurate killing from a distance. Spending the money is worth it, because once you make the 600 yard hike to your kill, you’ll be able to sell that mean for a profit. It practically pays for itself.