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The Best Holographic Sights Reviewed

As a responsible gun owner, you may want to add onto your weapon with a few extra accessories. One of the most common accessories you can attach to an already unstoppable gun, is a scope. Scopes refer to any attachment on top of your weapon that allows you to take better aim at your target. Most of these are ranged scopes, from short to long range. If you don’t think a long-range sight is right for you, there are a couple of other options to consider. The military and law enforcement option is a holographic scope (similar to quality reflex sights).

A holographic scope is very much like a red dot scope. It is meant for close quarters combat. Its primary use is within law enforcement and the military because there’s no real reason one should be needed in civilian life. Like the red dot scope, there is no magnification, so it makes a great option for good shotguns. The field of view, though, is much higher on a holographic scope. The biggest advantage is the range precision the MOA provides and the much larger reticle.

The absolute best holographic sight out there is EOTech 512 Tactical Holographic Sight. There are the kinds of sights you may see mounted on top of a police officer or military officer’s sidearm. The small, thin attachment weighs only 10.9 ounces and holds a battery life of over 1000 hours.

Unlike its weaker partner, the red dot scope, the EOTech 512 Tactical Holographic Sight offers 20 different brightness settings, making sure that an officer’s environment is perfectly matched to his scope, or vice versa. With unlimited eye relief, you can also get as close to the sight as you feel you need to be. The field of view is a stunning 30 yards at 100 yards with four inches of eye relief!

EOTech has essentially raised and set the bar with their holographic sights, and none are better than the 512. They are made in the United States of America and provide trained officials with the kinds of accuracy they need in the impossible situations they face every day.

So, if you are looking for something a little different than a ranged scope, but something a little more advanced than a simple red dot scope, you will find exactly what you want in the EOTech 512 Tactical Holographic Sight. The biggest speed bump you’ll run into when purchasing your new addition will be in your wallet. This baby doesn’t come cheap, retailing at almost $400. If you can afford it and have dreamed up some use for it, you may want to try it out.  Probably also worth hiding in a concealment coffee table.

Remember that safety and responsibility come first, though, and this is technically a military option. As long as you have the know-how, you can be the next Navy SEAL, right in the comfort of your own home!