Quality Concealment Flags

Concealment Flags are a cool way to hide your weapons and give your space some style.  If you’re on the market for a concealment flag then check out our options below!  Quality concealment flags you can trust to properly hide your firearms.

Concealment Flag Options

These concealment flags are high quality and available from distributors that seem to know what they are doing.  Based on testing, history, and reviews we’ve come up with this list of worthwhile items if you’re on the market for quality concealment flags.

Gray And Black”Smoke” American Concealment Flag


Pretty cool concealment flag with an interesting set of colors.  We personally think these look pretty cool.

Black And Burnt Concealment Flag

This one houses a smaller pistol only, but is pretty cool.  Does not come with their company poster girl.

HandGun Concealment Flag Box w/ Quick Access

For people looking for a patriotic way to hide their favorite handgun this concealment hand box could work perfectly.

American Flag Concealment Coffee Table

This flag concealment coffee table might be pricey, but the reviews say it’s sturdy and built right.

Blue Line Black & Burnt Concealment Flag

This concealment flag has a blue line going through it.  You can hide firearms in this one as well.