Concealement Furniture

You Need To Conceal Your Firearms In Quality Furniture

Having easy access to your guns is important to most gun owners. Many owners want their guns to be readily available when emergencies happen. Guns need to be in a location that can be easy to access but also need to be locked up to prevent them from getting into the hands of the unintended, whether that may be an inquisitive child or a criminal who is breaking into your home…

A traditional gun safe is definitely a deterrent for children, but far too often, criminals know to look for a gun safe, and many can figure out how to break into a safe or steal it if it isn’t bolted down or built-in. The age of technology has provided people with a limitless amount of information on how to defeat many of the most popular gun safe options. Many criminals would be able to find this information from inside your home just using the cell phone in their pocket.
As an alternative to the traditional gun safe, many firearms owners these days are turning to concealed gun furniture for their gun storage needs.
So what is concealment furniture?

Concealment furniture is otherwise regular looking furniture, decoration, shelf, or other item in one’s home, office and/or elsewhere that hides valuable possessions in plain sight. While this kind of furniture can be used at concealing just about any kind of belonging in full view, it particularly targets concealing guns, flashlights, emergency medical kits, or other weapons in case of an emergency. Over the past year interest in concealment furniture has risen.

Listed below are just a few of the benefits of including these well-crafted, customized tactical decor items in your home:

*More inconspicuous than a gun safe. Criminals will look for gun safes, will search through your dresser drawers, under the mattress, look in cabinets and office desks, or the back of the closets. They’re less likely to check all the picture frames, clocks or wall shelves.

*Keeps guns hidden in plain sight and secure. Concealment furniture makes your guns both convenient for you and hard for intruders and curious kids to locate your weapons. Locking mechanisms and strong magnetic retentions keep hidden panels secure when moving around to reduce unintentional shifting or movement which could raise suspicions on hidden content

*Maintains quick access. You don’t have to punch in a code, look for a key, search through a closet, safe, or drawer to get to your gun. Concealed gun furniture is equipped with quick-open magnetic or RFID locks give you easy access to your firearms at a moment’s notice.

*Compliment your own home decor. Safety and security to match your style with different finishes/options. Whether you choose a mirror, wall art, picture frame, coffee table, or shelf, matching the rest of your interior design is a breeze.

*Options are virtually limitless. Every home and style is different, so there is no one-size-fits all solution when it comes to safe firearm storage. Custom decor items with a range of color and stain options are available upon request, including live edge hardwood furniture and different applications.