About Us

A leading source for all things related to firearms and associated products. We are a firm that started from the bottom and had to build itself up through sheer hard work and determination. We have stayed true to our roots and to our customers who have stayed with us through all the ups and downs. Our customers have inspired us to take this industry forward and innovate to bring about a significant change to the whole concept of firearms and why we believe that everyone in the world should be equipped to protect themselves from any form of danger to their life. Our philosophy is to manufacture and sell only the finest of military grade products to people who have successfully completed our background and psychological check. We believe that laws don’t need to be made stricter, but morals need to be upheld. This industry has grown rusty and immoral; it is about time someone changed that. We are proud to claim that we are one of the forefathers of such a school of thought in the weapons industry. And as a final note, we would like state that The Gun Source is officially open to the Digital World.