Best Red Dot for AR

As a responsible gun owner, you may want to add onto your deadly weapon with a few extra accessories. One of the most common accessories you can attach to an already unstoppable gun is a scope. Scopes refer to any attachment on top of your weapon that allows you to take better aim at your target. Most of these are ranged scopes, from short to long range. If you don’t think a long-range sight is right for you, there are a couple of other options to consider. One of the most popular options is a red dot scope.

A red dot scope is almost exactly what it sounds like. It’s a mounted scope that uses lasers to create a red do on the target in the scope that you want to hit. The red dot stays put, regardless of where your eyes are in respect to the view, so there is a lot less concern of distortion or inaccuracy.

The best red dot scope for an assault rifle is the Aimpoint Pro Patrol Rifle Optic. This little guy can be mounted on top of your deadly assault rifle in no time at all and weighs next to nothing, at 7.8 ounces. The battery that powers the laser red dot has about 30,000 hours available for you to go to town on. Practice makes perfect, so take your attachment to the range and get some good time in.

The Aimpoint Pro Patrol Rifle Optic is also waterproof up to 150 feet! So, unless you plan on sniping a shark at the bottom of the ocean, you will be all set in using this scope in any weather condition. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced military operative, you will always find your target with ease, peering through this durably designed add-on.

This red dot scope is designed for military operations, so it has no real place in the civilian world, but it is readily available and made to never be destroyed. Because of its design and small size, only four and a half inches long, it’s one of the most expensive sights on the market today. It’s so centered around the military, that if you need to fire quickly without having time to remove your lens caps, there’s still a pin hole through the back cap that allows you to see the red dot super imposed on the target you’re going after.

A lot of people say “go big or go home” and if that’s a saying you live by, then this military-grade, assault rifle addition is for you. If you want what the SEALS use, this is about as close as you can get without stumbling into some legal troubles. The Aimpoint Pro Patrol Rifle Optic is available online or at your local prestige gun dealer.