Mantis Blackbeard X - Is It Worth The Money?

If you want to practice shooting indoors, or maybe just don’t want to waste money on expensive ammunition, then the Mantis Blackbeard X could be exactly what you’re looking for.  Practice shooting anywhere, anytime, and get accurate shooting data right on your phone!

We heard a lot about the Mantis Blackbeard X and were really excited to get to try one out.  A very versatile little tool with a tremendous amount of ability to make you a better shooter, we have to say we absolutely love this thing!

If you’re looking for a great way to constantly be practicing your shooting, then watch our video or read on to find out why the Mantis Blackbeard X is the tool you’ve been missing!

The Setup Process for the Mantis Blackbeard X System

I’m using two rifles for testing. The first is my everyday carry AR, a Zev model. The second is a LaRue upper and a Franklin Army binary trigger. This setup allows us to ensure the Blackbeard X system works effectively with a binary trigger.

Now, let’s take a look at what comes in the box. The main component replaces the bolt carrier group and the charging handle. Additionally, there’s another component that goes inside the magazine well. This is a battery with a small tab and a blue light. The battery features a Bluetooth function that enables you to connect it to your phone for some drills and exercises.

To quickly walk you through the setup process:

  • Start by removing the rear pin of your AR.
  • Then, open the rifle and remove the bolt carrier group and charging handle.
  • Next, install the Mantis Blackbeard X unit instead of the original components.
  • Once you hear a click, the system is activated and ready to use.
  • The Blackbeard X unit conveniently resets the trigger after each shot, allowing for seamless training sessions.

Inside the unit are screws that help you set up the laser to align perfectly with your rifle’s bore. To keep the tiny Allen wrench from getting lost, you can poke a hole in the case’s foam and store it there.  Works with any AR lower receiver.

The Testing Process for the Mantis Blackbeard X

Alright, let’s proceed. Connect the Blackbeard X system to your phone using the Bluetooth function. Once connected, you can explore the Mantis X app and discover various drills and training options. The app has a cool feature. It provides a detailed analysis of your shots, allowing you to examine your performance closely.

We even figured out which AR grips we worked best with thanks to this app.

For example, it highlights areas where you may need to work on your trigger finger positioning or technique. This valuable feedback helps you improve your shooting skills effectively.

I started with the Mantis X Benchmark, a drill focused on precision and performance. The goal was to measure precision and performance over time by taking 10 shots and focusing on the Precision drill, which wasn’t timed. You can use this training tool inside your house. There is no need to go to a shooting range.

The Mantis X made a little noise while shooting. I had an average core score of 91.2. Most of their scores fall within the high 80s to low 90s range.

What I found remarkable about Mantis X was that it gave specific feedback on what I could improve on. For example, if the trigger finger weren’t positioned correctly, it would tell and provide tips on how to fix it. The app displayed the travel of his weapon with each shot in graphical form, which was pretty neat.

Mantis X Shooting Modes and Drills

There are 3 trigger modes: 

  • Safe
  • Semi
  • Binary 

In binary mode, pulling the trigger fires a round, and releasing it also fires another round as a separate trigger action. Many people face timing and jamming issues when first using binary triggers. However, with the Mantis X system, we’ll see if it can help overcome these challenges. 

Currently, the Mantis X app is set to open training mode, which doesn’t have a specific shot count. It’s perfect for repetitive practice. 

I began by firing in the regular semi-automatic mode to establish a baseline, then switched to binary mode. As I pulled the trigger, you could see the Mantis X keeping up flawlessly with the rapid firing ensuring smooth operation.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, the Mantis X proves to be effective even when used with a binary trigger system. You should note that Mantis has confidently stated that it’s impossible to outshoot the Mantis X, even mentioning that renowned shooter Jerry Miculek couldn’t do so. The Mantis Blackbeard X is definitely a product worth considering.