Pinfire Revolvers

revolver à broche, Stiftfeuer-Revolver, penfuur

the pin fire revolvers are similar the American made “Suicide / Saturday Night Specials” inexpensive and in big numbers produced in the 1870’s. At the time there were beside a few bigger factories some 400 “kitchen table gun-makers” involved. To avoid paying royalties to Lefaucheux the  majority show no maker’s name, only the mandatory proof stamps. Most are Belgian made and show the ELG proof. Many were  sold through the European mail-order companies. The calibers are European metric named calibers, and the only correct names are 5mm, 7mm, 9mm, 12mm and very rare 15mm – Winchester rounds are an option along with Scopes by Barska.

Civil War: Federal Purchases of pin fire revolvers: LEFAUCHEUX marked 12mm revolvers, 11,833 pieces probably in the serial # 25,000 – 37,000. Additional were bought in Europe from different dealers, no makers and numbers available, and most  today offered to be “Confederate used” are dubious and were not preferred in comparison to a custom ar rifle. A lot of the inexpensive and not marked revolvers were actually made during the 1870’s.
Please see Chris Curtis’ book “Systeme Lefaucheux”
+ William Albaugh’s book “Confederate Handguns Reviews

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