Concealment Coat Rack

If you’re looking for a way to hang up your favorite coat and that conceal carry pistol you have then look no further than our concealment coat racks. All sorts of options to make sure we match any décor out there.

A concealment coat rack is a type of gun concealment furniture, similar to a wall shelf, that has a built-in secret compartment (or trap door) to safely store firearms, accessories, or personal valuables. Along with providing a secure and easily accessible hidden safe to store firearms while keeping them out of sight, it also functions as a coat rack or wall shelf.

Basically, they’re like concealment shelves with the added functionality of hanging clothes and other items.

Most concealment coat racks are designed to look like traditional coat racks. It’s important to consider factors such as accessibility, storage, and usage when buying a concealment coatrack to ensure that your firearms are secured and handled properly.

If you’re in the market for a coat rack that will hide your guns then check out some of these available models.

The Gun Source doesn’t currently produce any of their own, but the following options have been well reviewed and create a sort of bestseller list of what’s available for gun concealment coat racks.

The Best Selling Concealment Coat Racks

Tactical Traps Rustic Coatrack Gun Storage w/ Trap Door

Tactical Traps is one of the few manufacturers of high quality concealment furniture ranging from nightstands to wall shelves. As you can see, they even devote their experienced craftsmanship to furnishing concealment coat racks for serious gun owners.

Like all their products, this rustic coat rack is designed with aesthetics and quality in mind to provide safe and secure firearms storage to protect you and your family, while also sprucing up your home decor. The coat rack is handcrafted, sanded, and stained by master carpenters using white pinewood.

The secure and hidden gun safe compartment can be quickly accessed by a magnetic RFID card reader that lowers the secret trap door in a second with dampers. Inside the compartment you will find 1” thick customizable adhesive foam, which you can trim to fit the specific dimensions of your handguns, magazine clips, optics, and ammo.

The exterior dimensions of the coatrack are 36” L x 5.75” W x 15” H, so it can fit a variety of firearms and equipment such as a pump-action shotgun or two full size handguns with a combat knife. It’s totally up to your needs since you’ll have to cut the foam yourself. The coat rack also includes four hooks for hanging clothes.

An LED lighting system is also included. Installation is easy — the coat rack comes with mounting hardware and can be installed in 10 minutes or less.

American Furniture Classics Model LRGCRDW Large Coat Rack w/ Secret Locking Gun Concealment

The American Furniture Classic Model all-veneer coat rack is longer than the Tactical Traps Rustic coat rack, but has a similar shape, and with a more ornate design (using dark walnut) that gives it an old school look and feel.

Its exterior dimensions are 45.25” L x 5.25” W x 16.75” H. This means you can easily store a rifle with magazine clip. There’s plenty of storage inside the hidden compartment, which is accessible by magnetic key, so you can store whatever you want — not just firearms. But it does include a closed-cell 57mm Kaizen foam insert that can be customized to fit an array of firearms and accessories.

The coat rack is constructed of high quality, locally sourced wood and wood veneers. It requires conventional screws to hang on your wall. It features six hooks to hang various items. Solid and aesthetically pleasing, this concealment coatrack is a great solution to keep your home safe while also adding functionality to your home decor.

Final Thoughts

When considering whether to purchase a concealment coatrack, you should take into account that this piece of home decor will most likely be placed near your front door. On the other hand, a wall shelf can be placed anywhere in your home. 

So although it may not provide the quickest access to your firearms in a home defense scenario when compared to a tactical concealment nightstand, for example, it will provide the added functionality of hanging items such as coats, jackets, keys, and hats.

In other words, you probably won’t be sitting near your hidden firearms when something happens. This is a compromise you’ll have to make.

Remember, proper training and firearms safety is essential for all gun owners.