Looking To Buy a Pink Firearm?  Here’s Our Top Favorite Pink Guns!

Pink Guns Are Awesome! Shoot With Style Now!

If you are searching for pink guns, then make sure not to skimp on quality and go straight to looking for the good stuff.  Just because it’s fashionably good looking doesn’t mean you want to ignore the potential ability it may have in saving your life. Usually, people who want a pink gun want to buy a gun for their self-defense but sometimes it’s just an accessory.  Well, at Thegunsource.com we’ve figure our exactly what you want and need in the category of pink rifles, pistols, revolvers, or even shotguns… and don’t forget to accessorize those weapons!

Well, no need to keep you waiting – here’s all our favorite pink guns!!!! 

Our Favorite Pink Pistols and Revolvers:

HiPoint Semi-Auto .40 or 9mm by SMITH & WESSON

In order to design this pink pistol Smith & Wesson has collaborated with a professional female shooter to get the job done right. This model includes a black melonite stainless steel barrel, a polymer frame and a slide along with a 40 mm or 9mm chamber. It is a pistol with a full-size frame with a warren tactical rear sight and fiber optic front sight that can hold 10 rounds. This pistol weighing 24 ounces can be customized easily. It includes two pink grips- small and medium along with three sized black grips that can be interchanged easily.


Charter Arms has introduced several models of pink pistol accessories successfully in the female market. The Pink Lady revolver seems similar to their own standard model .38 Undercover Lite but in different colors. The Pink Lady Off Duty offered by Charter is a double action revolver with an enclosed hammer. They also offered the Pink Lady Southpaw for left-handed shooters to supply into various markets. If your girl is not ready for a special .38 special then you can also offer her a Pink Lady in .32 H&R.


This awareness version of .380 pink pistol has been introduced by BERSA THUNDER as a twin to its standard model with similar accessories to allow their users to customize their guns as per their choice. This .380 is a semi-automatic gun that is designed for a dreamlike shooting experience. Its accessories include 3-dot sight, a standard magazine for seven rounds and extended finger grip. The total weight of the entire package is 20 ounce only. Along with introducing this pink pistol Besra has also donated a part of his income from each kit for the awareness of breast cancer.

But What’s a Pink Gun Without Pink Accessories and Parts?


ThegunSource has introduced a Pink top target gun which will allow the shooters not only to aim his/her target but also support the researches in the field of breast cancer. The body of this target gun is made distinctively pink packed in a pink box decorated with a ribbon used for breast cancer awareness.

Thus, you can find a number of pink pistol accessories to gift to your girlfriend. In order to get more information in this regard, you can contact at The Gun Source.


You can’t have a premium pink weapon without housing it in the right case.  If you spent all that money getting glitzed and glammed with the perfect pink gun, then you’ll want a case to match.  At TheGunSource Shop we have plenty of cases to match whatever gun you want.


Maybe you already have the right gun for you and you just need to add a little bit of pink flare to that preffered firearm.  Well here at The Gun Source we make sure to stock all the items that will make that trustworthy but boring weapon a sure looker.