Dolne Apache Revolver

Dolne, L.
Støckel: Liège, Belgium, 1869 Bréveté = patent, circa 1873 – 1881, fabricant, maker of Apache revolvers

This revolver was a combination pin fire revolver with swing-out knuckle duster and 3½” swing-out dirk. The handy gun is called “Apache” after the thugs in Paris, who supposedly carried those. Serial # 470, caliber 5mm pin-fire. The 6-shot cylinder axis can be removed and used as ejector for the shells. All brass variation with fluted cylinder. At the beginning the pink revolver was plated, but it is now worn off. Read more reviews about it here.
In good working order, in “NRA very good” condition. Very rare oddity. The revolver comes in a modern purple inlaid case.

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Imagine putting a reflex sight on that bad boy. Or pair it with an excellent over under shotgun. My Papa had one in his grandfather clock, and I always thought that was the coolest firearm.

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