Our Favorite Shotgun Lights : All You Need to Know

Check out our guide to the newest and best shotgun lights available on the market.  We’ve done the research and have brought you shotgun lights that you can rely on.

Whether you’re getting ready for your next hunting expedition or simply prepping yourself to protect your home and loved ones from potential danger, you won’t be able to shoot if you can’t see what you’re shooting at. This is why you need a shotgun light.

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll arm you with all the information you need to have in order to make the best decision when buying a light for your shotgun.

We’ll give you detailed reviews of some of the best shotgun lights on the market today, as well as guide you through the factors you need to consider when making your decision.

Read on to find out more about the top 10 shotgun lights of 2022.

10 Best Shotgun Lights of 2022

Let’s dive right into it. Here are detailed reviews of some of the best shotgun lights the market has to offer in 2022:

1. Streamlight TLR-1 – Best Overall Option

If you’re looking for the most well-rounded shotgun light option out there, look no further than the Streamlight TLR-1.

You’ll feel the quality of this shotgun light before you even turn it on and put it to use. This is thanks to the anodized, machine-grade aircraft aluminum it’s crafted from.

The Streamlight TLR-1 also features a heat-resistant, shock-proof glass lens, making it arguably the most durable and safest product on this list.

The Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 is one of our all-time favorite lights, and it’s built to last!

With a brightness of 800 lumens and a peak beam intensity of 12,000 candelas, The light that comes out of the lens is a force to be reckoned with. It’s also good for an hour and 45 minutes of continuous use.

Additionally, this product comes equipped with a TIR optic that ensures that all this light isn’t going to waste. This feature acts to make the beam more concentrated, as well as to provide you with peripheral vision.

The Streamlight TLR-1 also shines when it comes to versatility. It can act as an emergency strobe light when you’re in distress and can be used with a diverse range of firearms.


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum makes it highly durable
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to attach to a variety of weapons


  • The price tag is relatively high

2. Surefire X300U – Best For Durability

The Surefire X300U is as rugged a shotgun light as they come. This product is built to last in every way possible.

It is built using lightweight, aerospace aluminum and can withstand a meter’s depth of water for up to 30 minutes without any issues.

The Surefire X300U’s durable body houses a light source with a whopping brightness of 1000 lumens. Moreover, it can maintain this brightness for 90 minutes, giving plenty of time for those who like to stalk their prey at night, whether at close or long range.

Additionally, this product differs from every other one on this list in the type of light it produces. While all other products emit pure white light, the Surefire illuminates your view with a yellow-green light that makes for improved visibility.

The X300U also features Surefire’s patented Rail-Lock system, which makes it well-suited to be latched on to guns with just about any rail mechanism.


  • 1000 lumen brightness is great for outdoor use

  • High versatility due to the Rail-Lock system

  • Uses yellow-green light that offers better visibility


  • 1000 lumen brightness can be counterproductive for home defense use

3. AXEON Optics ShotLight 120-Lumen – Best Budget Option

If you’re in need of a shotgun light but don’t want to break the bank when getting one, the AXEON Optics ShotLight is the way to go.

The low price tag of this product comes with minimal compromise, as it comes with features that even the more expensive models don’t include. The only notable downside to it is that it only offers a brightness of 120 lumens.

The AXEON Optics ShotLight comes with three mount adapters right out of the box, saving you the hassle of having to buy one separately.

Additionally, this shock-proof shotgun light gives you the option of powering it using either AA or CR123A batteries. The latter gives the AXEON a significant boost in terms of battery life.

This feature also gives you the flexibility to choose which batteries will be convenient to take with you into the field.


  • Comes with three mount adapters
  • It can be operated with either AA or CR123A batteries
  • Shock-proof lens enhances safety


  • 120-lumen brightness can be a bit low in some situations

4. EdisonBright Fenix – Most Accessories

The price of the EdisonBright Fenix may be a bit on the steep side, but this shotgun light more than makes up for it with its wealth of accessories.

This product comes with a protective sleeve to store it in when it’s not in use, a lithium rechargeable battery, as well as a set of CR123A batteries to boot.

The battery options of the EdisonBright Fenix are as versatile as they come. You can power this shotgun light using the built-in rechargeable lithium battery or CR123A batteries. Not only that, but it also offers a battery life of 29 hours at its lowest setting and over an hour at a maximum brightness of 1000 lumens.

The EdisonBright Fenix is also designed with durability being a top priority. This shotgun light is made of high-strength, oxidation-resistant aluminum and can hold its own against the recoil of your weapon, nasty falls, and the wear and tear that accumulates with everyday use.


  • The ergonomic design makes it comfortable during prolonged use
  • Plenty of battery options
  • Packed with lots of accessories straight out of the box


  • The price is a little too expensive

5. ATN IR850 Supernova – Best Infrared Option

If you’re one of the many people who prefer to do their hunting at night, you’re probably looking for an infrared shotgun light. In this case, the ATN IR850 is the ideal option for you.

When stalking prey in the nighttime, having a blinding white light beam coming out of your shotgun can be counterproductive and scare off your target. The ATN IR850 is your way around this issue.

This infrared shotgun light is compatible with virtually all night vision goggles, whether digital or analog. It achieves excellent visibility with even the cheapest night vision devices.

The ATN IR850 is also highly versatile when it comes to light settings. It has four lighting modes that you can choose from depending on the light conditions you’re hunting in.

In terms of durability, this product is up there with the best of them. It’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum, with a recoil-resistant and waterproof design.


  • Works with all generations of night vision goggles
  • It has four light modes to fit your needs
  • Highly durable due to its aircraft-grade aluminum, recoil-resistant construction


  • The mount can be cumbersome at times

6. UTG Defender Tactical Flashlight – Best For Home Defense

Shotgun lights aren’t just used for hunting purposes. They’re also a must-have for those who have a shotgun at home for protection. If that’s you, the UTG Defender is a great option.

Some may see the 200-lumen brightness of this shotgun light as a negative. However, since this shotgun light is specifically designed for indoor use, its moderate brightness level is actually a plus.

Due to the presence of a lot of reflective surfaces, a higher level of brightness is likely to reduce your level of visibility as opposed to enhancing it when using your shotgun indoors.

This shotgun light’s construction is also very durable, thanks to its aircraft-grade aluminum build. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles that come with shotgun lights designed for hunting, but what it does offer is more than enough when protecting your home from impending threats.


  • 200-lumen brightness is just right for home defense use
  • Durable aircraft-grade aluminum construction


  • No remote pressure switch feature

7. Orion H40-W Tactical Flashlight – Best For Long Range Shooting

If you’re in search of a shotgun light that’s ideal for hunting at long distances, the Orion H40-W should probably be the one you buy.

When Orion made the H40-W, they decided to go with quality over quantity.

Although this shotgun light’s brightness of 500 lumens pales in comparison to that of other products on this list, the H40-W performs just as well, if not better, in long-range situations.

This can be attributed to the aluminum reflector packed in this product. This reflector significantly focuses the beam of light coming out of the H40-W, providing the user with a crystal clear vision of targets at a distance of 175 yards.

In terms of durability, the Orion H40-W excels with its aircraft-grade aluminum, recoil-resistant construction.

Additionally, this shotgun light offers you great battery life. It’s powered by a pair of CR123A batteries, which give you an hour and 15 minutes of lighting time at maximum brightness.


  • Aluminum reflector boosts beam focus and range
  • Great durability and battery life
  • Packed with features at an attractive price tag


  • The quality of the remote pressure switch could be better

8. Helotex G2 CREE

The Helotex G2 CREE is another excellent wallet-friendly shotgun light option.

The Helotex G2 has an LED bulb with a maximum brightness of 130 lumens. It also features three light modes, high, low, and strobe. The presence of several modes is a welcome surprise for a shotgun light at this price point.

Additionally, this shotgun light can be powered using either AA or CR123 batteries, which is yet another feature that’s usually only included in more expensive models.

However, you should note that using AA batteries will come at a price. You’ll have significantly lower battery life, and you’ll be sacrificing 10 lumens of the Helotex G2’s brightness.


  • Includes strobe lighting for signaling distress
  • Flexibility in terms of battery options
  • Features included are great value at this price point


  • No mount included in the package

9. Tacticon Armament – Best Laser Option

For this looking for a shotgun light that comes with laser sighting features, the Tacticon Armament is an excellent choice.

This laser-equipped shotgun light comes with a brightness of 200 lumens, as well as a green laser beam that has a range of 110 yards. This outstanding range doesn’t come at the expense of accuracy, as the Tacticon Armament will allow you to hit your target with better precision.

Additionally, this product isn’t limited to use with shotguns; it can also be used with rifles and handguns.

When you buy the Tacticon Armament, you’re helping to thank a combat veteran for his service. This gratitude goes both ways, as this veteran-owned company thanks you for your business by offering unrivaled customer service.

The Tacticon Armament comes with a set of rechargeable batteries right out of the box. Additionally, this shotgun light comes with a lifetime warranty, as well as the know-how of a seasoned veteran that knows the equipment necessary to get the job done.


  • Excellent customer service and lifetime warranty
  • The company is owned by veteran that only sells reliable products
  • Great value for money at its price point


  • Aluminum/polymer construction is not as durable as other models

10. Ulako Red Dot Laser V3 Flashlight Torch – Best For Ease of Use

If your main priority in a shotgun light is convenience and ease of use, the Ulako Red Dot Laser V3 is what you should go for.

This 1000-lumen shotgun light bypasses all the flash and frills of other models; it places simplicity above all else.

This is evident in the fact that it only has one setting, which is activated using one button on its rear end. When using the Ulako V3, you won’t find yourself struggling with buttons to reach your desired mode.

However, the Ulako V3 does have one feature that’s not present in models that are much more expensive than it. That feature is a red dot laser, which allows you to boost your accuracy significantly when hunting at long distances.

Additionally, this shotgun light is highly durable with its high-quality aluminum construction and anodized finish.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shotgun Light

There are several factors you need to keep in mind when choosing the right shotgun light for you. Here are the most important ones:

Light Modes

Before buying a shotgun light, you need to be aware of the light modes it features. Each light mode has a different use. Some shotgun lights only have one mode, which is usually at maximum brightness.

Most high-end shotgun lights have these three modes:


This is the mode typically used when you’re not aiming at a target. It’s designed to give you just enough visibility when you’re navigating the terrain.

It’s important for a shotgun light to have this mode as it extends battery life, making you ready to switch to a mode with higher brightness when you need to.

High/Turbo Mode

This is the mode in which your shotgun light will muster up all its juice and give you maximum brightness. This mode is best to use when you’re stalking a target from a long distance, giving you a clear line of sight on your target and making you more likely to hit it.

This mode shouldn’t be used when you’re idle or just walking around because it’s a real battery drainer.

Strobe Mode

Strobe mode is the mode you’re least likely to find in most shotgun lights, as it’s typically only featured in the most expensive ones.

In this mode, your shotgun light will pulse rhythmically. This can be very useful as a distress signal should any mishaps occur on your hunting trip.

It can also be used as a defense tactic. The pulsing bright light your shotgun light gives off in this mode can be highly disorienting to whatever or whoever is posing a threat to you.

In a similar fashion to high mode, strobe mode rapidly depletes your shotgun light’s battery life since it also operates at maximum brightness.


Another highly important factor to consider when choosing a shotgun light is its durability. This is especially true if you’re a person that goes hunting on a regular basis.

Your shotgun light needs to be able to withstand the elements. The most durable shotgun lights are waterproof, sometimes up to a depth of 1 meter.

However, the most important consideration when it comes to durability is whether your shotgun light can handle your firearm’s force of recoil.

In order for your shotgun light to withstand this, it needs to be crafted from tough materials that are built to last.

The industry standard is either stainless steel or aircraft-grade aluminum with an anodized finish.


When it comes to the brightness of your shotgun light, it’s tempting to think that higher is always better. However, this is simply not the case.

The ideal level of brightness for a shotgun light is heavily dependent on what you intend to use it for.

A high level of brightness is recommended if you’re going to be using your shotgun light for hunting purposes, specifically, long-range hunting at night.

On the other hand, if you’re buying a shotgun light for home defense use, excessively high brightness isn’t your friend.

In fact, shotgun lights that are too bright will hinder your vision instead of enhancing it. This is because the bright light will bounce all over the reflective surfaces in your home.

Mounting Compatibility

You may have found the perfect shotgun light; it has all the features you’re looking for and is as durable as can be. However, what good is all this going to do if the shotgun light isn’t compatible with your shotgun?

The fact of whether a shotgun light is compatible with your particular firearm should arguably be the first thing you consider. This is because everything else is simply irrelevant if it doesn’t.

You should note that it’s possible to buy mounting adapters from a third party if a shotgun light doesn’t fit your shotgun. If you’re going to take that route, you need to know how to decide on a mounting platform.

When choosing a mounting platform to buy, make sure to choose one that’s durable. This is because just as a shotgun’s recoil affects the shotgun light itself. It also affects the mounting platform that connects the light to the gun even more.


When deciding which shotgun light to buy, you also have to consider its price.

The prices of shotgun lights can range from $30 to over $300. Sure, the more expensive shotgun lights tend to have features that aren’t available at lower price points.

However, you need to keep in mind what you’re going to be using your shotgun light for when deciding if it’s worth paying extra for it.

Additionally, there are some shotgun light options that are easy on the wallet and still have most, if not all, the features offered by pricier ones.


When choosing the shotgun light that’s right for you, there are several things you should keep in mind. Such important factors include the shotgun light’s durability, available modes, mounting compatibility, and brightness level.

Your choice when it comes to most of these factors should revolve around what you intend to use your shotgun light for.

If you’re looking for the most suitable shotgun light option for home defense use, then the UTG Defender Tactical Flashlight is your best bet.

In search of a great shotgun light for long-range shooting? Then you should probably go for the Orion H40-W Tactical Flashlight.

On the other hand, if you want a shotgun light that will offer you plenty of great features without breaking the bank, then the AXEON Optics ShotLight is the choice for you.

Finally, if you’re looking for the best overall option, your best course of action is to go with the Streamlight TLR-1.