Best Turkey Calls for Hunting — 10 Classic & Unique Calls Reviewed

Improve your turkey hunting skills with these top-rated and effective calls.

Generations of outdoor enthusiasts have been captivated by the pursuit of wild turkeys. Once a hunter hears the sound of a gobbler in full display, there is no turning back.

When it comes to turkey hunting, devoted hunters spend plenty of time and money preparing for a successful hunt – which is why the equipment they use must be able to deliver when the time comes.

Regardless of the style of hunting you favor, turkey calls can be an invaluable tool for success.

Types of Calls

Box Calls

Box calls have a rectangular box shape that produces realistic turkey sounds through the friction between two surfaces, one of which is typically a wooden paddle dragged across the top of the call.

Box calls are convenient and have the potential to generate more sound than any other call, however, they become ineffective when wet. Therefore, make sure you invest in a water-proofed box call for maximum reliability.


Slate/Pot Calls

Also known as friction calls, slate calls take their name from the soundboard material they use which is typically a flat and smooth disc made of glass, ceramic, aluminum, or slate. This type of call can be identified by its circular pot fashioned out of either wood or plastic that houses the soundboard.

To use a slate call, hunters take the pot in one hand and use their other hand to hold a striker—often crafted from wood or plastic with a pointed end. They then stroke the tip across the soundboard to generate an array of turkey noises ranging from purrs and yelps to clucks and gobbles.

Using slate calls in combination with other kinds of turkey calls, such as a diaphragm or box call, can be very effective at luring turkeys within range.


Push-Button Calls

A push-button call is a simple and convenient option that can be used with a single hand by pressing a small button or lever on the top of the handheld device.

By pushing or moving the button or lever with your thumb, you can produce a diverse range of turkey calls including clucks, purrs, and yelps. The device is often equipped with an amplifying resonator at the bottom to enhance these sounds.

Push-button calls are often used by turkey hunters who are confined in a tight blind or must remain motionless.

The Best Turkey Calls Available on the Internet

Whether you’re an experienced hunter or just starting, one of the top-rated turkey calls on this list –including box, slate, shaker, and push-button calls – will have you calling in those toms in no time. Nothing can ensure a successful turkey hunt more than having the right kind of call.

Let’s take a look!

Lynch 102F World Champion Turkey Box Call 

The Lynch World Champion turkey call is ideal for beginners as well as seasoned pros. It is considered a classic among turkey hunters and has been used by generations for more than 75 years.

The call is constructed from two wooden boxes crafted of mahogany and sycamore wood that slide against each other to create unique sounds. To modulate the pitch, a pivoting paddle attached to the top box adjusts to pressure and speed when needed. With this instrument, you can produce a wide array of mesmerizing tones.

Boasting a classic shape and timeless design, this call is crafted with traditional wood and designed with comfort in mind. Its simplicity makes it an enduring favorite among veterans and novices. It is made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring that it is durable and built to last. Clearly, this call was made for turkey hunters by turkey hunters.

It stands out amongst other box calls due to its legendary sound, as well as the individualized tuning of each call. Its capacity to produce a wide array of turkey vocals – from yelps and purrs to clucks and cuts – is unparalleled when it comes to realism and precision.

All in all, the Lynch World Champion Turkey Box Call is a highly respected tool for turkey hunters who take pride in authenticity and tradition.

Primos Hunting Ol’ Betsy Slate Call 

Crafted from high-quality slate and glass, this pot call features a removable striker lid made of rosewood and other materials. When used with varying amounts of pressure and speed, the lid produces an array of distinct sounds that will surely captivate the toms.

The Primos Ol’ Betsy Slate Call stands out from other pot calls due to its timeless design and unparalleled sound quality. This call is aptly named after Ben Rodgers Lee, the father of modern turkey hunting, who has claimed the National Turkey Calling Championship title three times using this slate call.

The call is designed with a custom slate surface that produces a pure and clear tone, making it a favorite among experienced turkey hunters who value authenticity and tradition. It is also easy to use and comes with a striker, making it an excellent choice for beginners as well.

Overall, the Primos Ol’ Betsy Slate Call is a highly respected and sought-after tool for turkey hunters who are looking for a high-quality and reliable call that produces realistic turkey sounds. Its classic design, custom slate surface, and legendary sound quality make it a favorite among experienced hunters, while its simplicity and ease of use make it an excellent choice for beginners as well.

Hunters Specialties Strut Push Button Yelper 

This friction call is designed to be easy to use and produce a range of turkey vocalizations, including yelps, purrs, and clucks.

The HS Strut Push Button Yelper is a unique friction call because of its straightforward design and easy-to-use features. It is a favorite among novice turkey hunters who don’t have an understanding of more complicated friction calls, and those who choose to operate in tight blinds.

Crafted with a wooden encasing and topped with an easy-to-push button, the call lets you create loud and realistic sounds for long range turkey hunting by simply pushing down on the button.

The call is lightweight and compact, and can be effortlessly operated with one hand so that your other hand can remain on your gun while a turkey comes within range. It’s durability and super-affordable price make it an excellent long-term value.

Primos Hunting Waterboard Wood Grain Turkey Box Call 

This box call is unique because it’s crafted with a waterproof coating. This special layer shields the call from any moisture and makes it perfect for use in wet or humid environments.

The call also features a stunning wood grain finish, making it not only aesthetically pleasing but also aiding in creating remarkably genuine sounds that will get those gobblers talking.

The Primos Hunting Waterboard Wood Grain Turkey Box Call is the preferred option for hunters seeking a reliable and effective call that can endure wet conditions.

The Grind Cooker Pot & Peg Slate Turkey Call 

Harking back to the times of corn cob and chunk of slate calls, this turkey call has been ingeniously crafted with an internal sounding board to produce the most exquisite tones and calls that will draw in the toms.

The Grind Cooker Pot & Peg Slate Turkey Call is a unique pot call due to its innovative design boasting a removable peg for tuning capabilities. This feature allows the user to control and customize the sound produced by the call creating more diversity in their hunting experience.

For example, you can easily adjust the volume of your calls, ranging from whisper-soft tree yelps to loud and enthusiastic cutting.

Constructed with convenience and portability in mind, this call is lightweight enough to fit into your hunting vest or backpack. Plus, it boasts a variety of finishes that every hunter can select from based on their personal preference.

And for added durability, the walnut and maple woods used are custom-crafted laminated wood materials, making them very robust.

ESH Custom Calls Pure Hen Turkey Box Call

With its superior construction and attention to detail, the ESH Custom Calls Pure Hen Turkey Box Call stands far apart from other box calls on the market. It is skillfully handcrafted in the USA by veteran turkey hunters, resulting in a one-of-a-kind product of immaculate quality.

The call is equipped with a custom-designed pure hen soundboard, allowing you to perfectly mimic real turkey vocalizations. Plus, it’s coated in a waterproof finish so that you can hunt turkeys without worrying about damage or wear and tear over time.

When searching for a dependable, easy-to-use box call that delivers realistic turkey sounds, the ESH Custom Calls Pure Hen Turkey Box Call is an excellent choice and has become increasingly popular amongst avid turkey hunters.

Primos Hunting The Freak Turkey Pot Call

This call is crafted with two latex reeds that are stretched and fastened over a frame, secured by plastic tape. The reeds are intricately cut at an angle to produce a distinct sound.

What makes The Freak stand out from other turkey calls is its innovative design which encourages more flexibility and a variety of noises. Its special “V-cut” construct permits hunters to produce a higher-pitched, gruffer sound that is proven to be more effective at luring mature gobblers.

It also allows you to easily mount it to your leg or shotgun stock so you can always keep your firearm in the ready position.

All in all, The Freak is the go-to choice among avid turkey hunters searching for a reliable and flexible call that will attract mature turkeys.

Lynch’s Fool Proof Turkey Call 

This turkey call is one of the best on the market. Its innovative double-reed design produces a realistic and natural-sounding call, making it simpler for novice hunters to use with great results. In fact, its patented system makes this unique call more forgiving than other calls available today.

The ridge ensures that the call does not pass beyond the box, and thus retains a crisp and loud sound quality, whether it be clucks or yelps.

With its superior mahogany construction and immersive soundscape, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more affordable combination than this classic turkey call that’s been a favorite for decades.

Overall, Lynch’s Fool Proof turkey call is a go-to choice for turkey hunters in search of an effortless and proficient call. Its solid build quality together with its lifelike sound make it the ideal tool to bring along on any wild turkey hunting trip.

Primos Hunting The Gobbler Shaker Call

Crafted from a plastic tube filled with pellets or beads, this call is designed to create the sound of turkeys when shaken back and forth.

The Gobbler Shaker Call is perfect for newbies just getting their feet wet in the sport of turkey hunting due to its convenience and ease of use. For the hunter who prefers one-handed jake calling or two-handed adult gobbling, this is a very loud tool that won’t be compromised by windy conditions.

Additionally, its patented silencer cap ensures that you can move through the woods with complete silence and safety. The Primos Shaker Call is a top choice for turkey hunters searching for an affordable and efficient call that’s easy to use.

Zink Wicked Series Hunting Pot Turkey Call

This is a high-performance pot call that stands out above the rest due to its superior design of impregnated wood. This method blends acrylic and Brazilian cherry pan, creating an unbeatable sound quality within a weather-proof design that won’t bend or swell. It is specially crafted to offer a more accurate and lifelike turkey sound that will make your hunting trip even more successful.

The combination of an aluminum or slate pot and a wooden or carbon striker lid produces different sounds according to the pressure and speed of your strokes. The removable lid covers the pot, making it easy for you to change patterns to create unique melodies.

The special sweet spot is a secondary calling surface tailored for soft, short-distance calls; while the integrated striker conditioner lets you quickly refine the striker. With a non-slip grip, this pot call ensures that every call is consistently steady and dependable.

Some Turkey Calling Tips

Don’t call too soon

The toms may still be resting in their roosts and not yet wandering about if you begin calling too early in the hunt. This can cause them to become startled, and fly away from your location before you can get into position for a shot.

Moreover, turkeys may not answer your calls before they start foraging and become more active later in the morning. To increase the probability of success, always wait until the right moment when turkeys have begun gobbling or moving around before engaging in any calls.


Don’t call too frequently

Calling too often can make the toms suspicious, causing them to avoid you. This is especially true for the more mature and experienced gobblers who have heard a variety of calls in their lifetimes.

It is essential to space out the frequency of your calls to discern whether turkeys are responding. This will allow you to identify if there are any turkeys in the vicinity and how to change your calling strategy based on their reactions.

Also, calling too frequently might tip off other hunters close by.


Use a variety of pitches

To make your calls more lifelike and believable, change up the pitch and tone. The turkeys will be most receptive to sounds that appear natural as if they are coming from an actual turkey.


Change locations

Turkeys are always on the move, meaning that if you remain in one spot and make multiple calls, it may appear unnatural to them. To stay undetected by any gobblers, try changing up your location every so often by moving to a spot that’s around 20 feet away.

By relocating to another spot, you can likely detect turkeys that have never been called before and improve the likelihood of a successful hunt.

Final Thoughts

If you’re an experienced or beginning turkey hunter, we hope this selection of highly rated turkey calls has made it easier to decide which call is right for your next hunting trip.

Remember, even though these calls produce some of the most realistic sounds on the market, practice makes perfect, and understanding the various types of sounds you can make with these amazing tools is key to attracting the toms.