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The Gun Source was established to help find all your 2nd amendment needs without the hassle of going to a standard brick and mortar dealer. Our years of experience has helped us make relationships with leading manufacturers of firearms and firearms accessories from around the world, making your search that much easier for one-stop shop for all things weaponry.


The Gun Source and BARSKA have a long-standing relationship and have maintained a sustainable relationship for decades. BARSKA is the leading manufacturer of military grade rifle scopes, binoculars and telescopes. BARSKA is venturing into the field of biometric vaults and safes and into the field of metal detection with the help of our research and development team. Vision is a crucial aspect of using a firearm, and there is no one better at equipping you with greater vision than BARSKA.


Holosun is one of the first firearms firms that The Gun Source formed an alliance with. Holosun is world renowned for its quality and technical superiority. Holosun produces a number of different firearm-related products, but they are known for their optics; the PCP stands out as one of the best in the industry.


Besides BARSKA only one other firearms manufacturer stands out in the world of military grade scope and optics. That firm is BURRIS. For the longest time, BURRIS and BARSKA have been trying to one-up each other, and that rivalry has resulted in the weapons industry gaining some of the best rifle scopes. BURRIS has taken a different route and has started focusing on red-dot technology, tactical scopes and mounting technology.

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The Gun Source is your all-access store that has partnerships with some of the biggest firearm industry suppliers. We have managed to strike the right deals to ensure that you have access to all the finest firearms and associated products. The Gun Source is a lot more than just another retail hub; it’s also a leading review and testing firm that looks to bring innovation and growth to an industry that is notorious for being traditional by providing real feedback, rather than the standard influencers, who are usually just looking for free handouts.

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New BSA Scopes for MC7 Carbine

The New BSA scopes are a thing of magic. They are multi-coated and completely all-weather proof. Their new line of scopes is built in such a way that more light enters the tube to enhance the greater visibility of the target.


Barska Rifle Scope Review

Available for purchase anywhere in the world, the Barska rifle scope is one such that can be described as one of the leading competitors in its field of expertise, delivering its customers an amazing range of different rifle scopes

BSA Rifle Scope Review

BSA Rifles is a product by BSA Optics, which focuses on many different products related to rifles, including all accessories. As an established brand along with BSA Sport, the brand is managed by professional hunters, which makes buying one of BSA’s rifle scopes pretty simple and easy considering that it is sold by experts, not just the average Joe that that decided to flip products on Amazon.

Burris Rifle Scope Review

Burris Optics is a company that is often also referred to as ‘The Burris Company’, was found in 1971 by its founder Don Burris himself, hence the name of the company. Starting out as an engineer, designing for another optics company and believed he could build something spectacular, that was unlike any other rifle scope on the market, he started his own company to do so and sure he did.

Hawke Rifle Scope Review

As a fairly new company, Hawke Optics is available to be bought worldwide and has built up quite a reputation over the past 15 years. While the company is considered a new rival to its competitors, it definitely gives others a run for their money and overall has a fresh approach, appealing to all who participate in the shooting game, whether it be professionals or learners.

Bushnell Rifle Scope Review

As a high-performance leading sports optics competitor in its field, Bushnell has created a grand platform for rifle scopes and other speciality products such as hunting, wildlife, spectator and tactical binoculars, spotting scopes, laser rangefinders, trail cameras, GPS, night gadgets and outdoor technology.

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