3 Top-Rated Bullet Pullers Reviewed

Looking for the best bullet puller? Check out our list of top-rated bullet pullers and get informed on what you can expect from each one.

Do you want to make sure that your rounds are disassembled safely, with minimal effort? If so, then a bullet puller is the tool for you. Many gun owners rely on bullet pullers to disassemble their cartridges quickly and easily.

Whether you’re a reloader or an occasional shooter, having the right bullet puller (and brass case tumbler) can save both time and money.

In this article, we will review some of the top bullet pullers on the market today so that you can find one that fits your specific needs.

What is a Bullet Puller?

A bullet puller is a device used to disassemble or remove the projectile (bullet) from a cartridge case.

This tool is essential for shooters who want to reuse old cartridges or modify their ammunition to suit their specific needs.

It efficiently enables you to separate bullets and powder from the casing, ensuring that both are in good condition – making it an invaluable tool for anyone looking to get the most out of their firearms.

A bullet puller typically consists of three main components: the collet, the body, and the hammer or cam lock.


  • The collet securely houses the bullet in a cylindrical shape, keeping it firmly fixed while being extracted from its cartridge.
  • The primary component of the puller is its body. It houses a collet, which provides a secure grip on both bullets and cases.
  • The hammer or cam lock is the mechanism that delivers the impact or pressure needed to pull the bullet from the case

Buyer’s Guide

If you don’t know much about bullet pullers, then there are a few key considerations you need to know before selecting one from our list.




First of all, bullet pullers are designed for different calibers.

When looking for the right bullet puller to fit your ammunition, you must pick the one suited correctly to its caliber.


Type of Bullet Puller


  • Kinetic: These are the most commonly used type of bullet puller. They use a hammer-like action to dislodge the bullet from the cartridge case.
  • Collet-Style: These types of bullet pullers use a collet to grip the bullet and then pull it from the case.
  • Inertia: Inertia bullet pullers use a hammer-like action similar to kinetic pullers, but they don’t require the user to hit the tool against a hard surface.



When investing in a bullet puller, it’s essential to make sure that the materials used are of superior quality. This ensures not only durability but also longevity.

The Best Bullet Pullers Available on the Internet

In our review, we take a look at three highly-rated bullet pullers of each type:

Lyman Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller

The Lyman Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller comes with 2 collets to grip various bullet sizes. It has been designed to work with a wide range of calibers, from large Magnums to small 5.7 X 28FN rounds. In fact, it should work on any caliber except a .50 BMG, .22 Long, or 22 Short.

The Soft-grip handle is designed for optimal comfort and a secure grip, ensuring that you can use the tool with ease. However, it’s best used on pieces of hardwood containing knots – yet still works well when applied to concrete or steel surfaces.

It only takes a few hits to dislodge a bullet from its casing. The puller is affordable and comes with extra collets, making it a cost-effective option.

However, it can be tiring to use for extended periods, and hitting it directly on a hard surface may damage the tool. Furthermore, due to the lack of cushioning for soft-tipped bullets, it is necessary to re-tighten the top after a few firings.

Hornady 392154 Cam Lock Bullet Puller Collet

The Hornady Bullet Puller Collet is crafted from top-notch materials to guarantee that bullets and cases remain undamaged throughout the extraction process.

The collets have thinner pedals, so they require careful use to avoid wearing them out. Hornady offers a wide range of collets at an affordable price, with options for calibers ranging from .17 to .45 cal.

Hornady bullet puller collets are widely regarded as the finest in the market and their cam lock feature firmly secures your bullet for effortless disassembly with just a press of your finger.

RCBS Pow’r Pull Kit

This RCBS bullet puller kit is an effective option for those who want to remove bullets from a handful of cartridges without the need for setting up their press. With 3 collets that are suitable for a variety of calibers, all you need to do is choose the right one and start working.

Thanks to its lengthy, ergonomic handle design, the inertia bullet puller allows you to build up more momentum for an easier extraction process. The transparent head also makes it simple to tell when the bullet has been detached from its shell.

The RCBS bullet puller features one-piece construction, making it more durable than models with metal embedded in plastic parts.

However, the twist-off cap may loosen after repeated use, and the body is made of polycarbonate. Despite this, it is an affordable and effective option for those needing to remove bullets without a press.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why use a bullet puller?

It is primarily used to correct reloading mistakes, such as using the wrong powder charge or seating the bullet too deeply.

A bullet puller can be used to salvage bullets or reuse components such as powder and primers from cartridges that are no longer being used.

A bullet puller makes reloading easier and more economical, as it eliminates the costly task of discarding cartridges that are improperly loaded.


Should you pick up bullet casings?

Yes, make sure to clean up all your spent brass casings. Neglecting to do so can result in dangerous slip hazards and potential injuries or accidents.


Can you reuse pulled bullets?

Typically, a bullet is so distorted upon impact with the target or barrier that it cannot be reused.

        Closing Thoughts

        If you are looking for a reliable and efficient bullet puller for your reloading process, we suggest considering one of the three models recommended based on your budget and preferences.

        After reviewing the construction, user-friendliness, and features of each option available, we can confidently say there is no wrong choice.

        Additionally, buyers should keep in mind that proper maintenance is essential to maintaining all accessories used while handloading ammunition and this includes regular cleaning and inspecting of your bullet puller.