The Ultimate Guide To Gifts for Gun Fanatics

Some people are really hard to shop for, but if your special someone is a gun nut, you’re job of choosing the perfect gift for them just got a heck of a lot easier.  The Gun Source has the most comprehensive firearms related gift guide on the internet!

So you have a gun enthusiast in your life eh? Having a hard time figuring out what kind of gifts to get them? We get it, it can be overwhelming with the insane amount of options you are given, and if your gun knowledge isn’t all that it can make it even harder. We are here to help break down all the perfect gifts for gun lovers!

Weather its an actual gun, a cleaning kit, accessory, or even a safe, you want to get the most bang for your buck with something that you know is actually going to be used. We have compiled a list just for you of some of the top rated gifts for gun lovers below to save you some time on research and simplify all the products and why they are a great buy.

Choose one of these best gifts for gun owners and you will not disappoint who will be on the receiving end. Gifts for the ladies, and gifts for the men will make it as easy as 1-2-3 to pick something out. Order these ahead of time for the holidays and don’t stress out about a last minute option. Your bound to find the perfect gifts for any gun lovers out there.

Our Favorite Gifts For Gun Lovers

If your gun lover has guns, it’s only right that they have different accessories and fun stuff to go with it. To further your options for gift ideas we have compiled yet another list of some awesome things to choose from that every gun owner would appreciate.

These are the best gifts for gun lovers we’ve found:

Concealment Furniture

This is the perfect gift idea for home defense. Instead of going all the way to your safe to unlock the weapon of your choice, you’ll be able to have it conveniently next to you in a place only you can identify and get into. Even if you don’t like the aesthetic of a bulky safe, concealment furniture is a safe and discrete alternative or addition for gun lovers.

Our favorite ones are the concealment coffee tables we build… call us biased… made in San Antonio, Texas.

Barbuzzo 50 Cal Shot Glass

Take your best shot! Perfect fit for the gun themed man cave and very eye catching with the shiny gold ceramic. Get the party started in these 50 cal bullet casings that will be a great addition to our collection. Always a great option for gun lovers!

Real Avid The Gun Tool

This makes for one of the best gifts because it has 18 of the most frequently used gun tools all in one. Choose from black or silver and keep this handy in your pocket for a perfect fit and a quick fix.

Whiskey Stones Bullets with Base

One of the more fun gifts for gun owners, these ice stones resemble a real bullet. Just might have some of the guests wondering if it’s real or not. These are guaranteed to stay cold for long periods of time while enjoying some scotch or whiskey.

Walker’s Game Ear Razor Slim Electronic Muff

These are unlike a lot of ear protection muffs because the sound is cancelled out by making actual noise.

Any avid guns lover that hits the shooting range will start to get immediate use out of these noise cancelling muffs that provide a means of great hearing protection and will quickly become a favorite any gun lover would be happy with.

Gunmaster Gun Cleaning Box

Veteran or amateur with guns, your fellow gun lover needs a gun cleaning kit no matter what. Quite the handy gifts for gun lovers. The size of this cleaning kit makes it easy to travel with.

Clean your guns on the go, after the shooting range, or at home. Cleaning guns regularly after use if a safe practice to apply to your routine.

AweSafe Biometric gun safe

To keep yourself and the ones around you safe, a gun safe is absolutely necessary. And if you can’t have too many guns, well you can have too many of these safes. This safe in particular has fingerprint technology that makes you able to get quick access to the firearm. This safe will hold two small pistols and important documents, it will provide a means of safety and efficiency. They make great gifts for gun lovers.  Find out more about gun safe options here.

Gun Magnet Worlds Magnetic gun mount

These magnets will conceal and hold up to 30 pounds each, so it can be mounted in multiple positions without loosing attraction. For gun gifts, this is a pretty good one, the things that you can do with these are endless, set up a cool wall mounted pattern for your guns or hide it underneath something that’s easily accessible. All gun lovers will find a purpose almost instantly.

Large Elegant Rifle Decanter Set With Bullet Glasses

This decanter and the glasses will make unique gifts for the gun lover that likes to dink and entertain. This could possibly be one of the best gifts for a gun lover like that fits the description, and absolutely prefect for the man cave. It catches the eye instantly, You don’t need much range to notice this one.

US Optics Military Competition 4MOA Reflex Sight

Scopes make excellent gifts for gun lovers due to the chances of their accuracy increasing and they are pretty fun to use. Great for competition and home defense, a good reflex site should be attached to at least one gun you have. Reflex sites really do make great gifts because nearly every gun lover has a firearm they can use one on.

GreenLF 3D Revolver Wooden Puzzle

For the young gun lover in your life this will be a perfect addiction to their gifts. This is a fun do it yourself 3D revolver puzzle, and the only thing you need to put this gift together are your hands. No glue or tape is required at all. It’s got an old school vibe that is very easy to assemble and is one of the best gifts for gun lovers that are young.

“Guns” Tri Blend Tee

One of the common but can’t go wrong gifts for gun lovers would be apparel. The gun lover you are looking to send a gift to is probably very familiar with and their website. The shirts that they sell, are a simple logo that stands out and gets straight to the point….they love guns.

Stealth Cam Night Vision Monocular Camera

This night vision monocular has hot spot tracking, night vision, distance measurement a Wi-Fi hot spot. The features on this are amazing and endless, the hot spot is a very loved feature because your gun lover can still contact whoever even if their is not service where they are. This is mainly used for things like, hiking, law enforcement patrolling, and search and rescue. Monoculars are all around great gifts for gun lovers and can be very unique gifts.


What better gifts for gun lovers than an actual gun, am I right? Everyone needs a trusty hand gun, something easily accessible, discreet and ready to be carried throughout the day. Here are some of our favorites listed below.

GSG 1911 by American Tactical Imports 

This semi automatic is a classic look that any gun owner would like and recognize. Some of the features of the GSG 1911 is that this pistol has a double diamond checkered grip to ensure you get a secure hold on it, a three hole trigger, a skeletonized hammer, and has a capacity off 10 +1 rounds.

This gun is perfect for any gun lover that likes to do basic inexpensive target practice, a little competition shooting, and it’s excellent for some fun plinking on your property. Set ups some old beer cans, or sparkling water cans if that’s what you’re into and give it a go.


Everyone needs a revolver, no doubt about that. This is a very basic revolver with simple but great features like, combat polymer grips, fixed front sight and a smooth channel frame cut rear sight. It’s made out of solid steel with a Parkerized finish, and hold the classic 6 rounds.

The caliber on this is a 38 special and weights a total of three pounds, that makes for real easy carrying. With guaranteed durability and the ARMSCOR 200 in the Rock Island Revolver Series is a great gift idea.

Bond Arms “Protect The 2nd Amendment”

This great gift is definitely for your patriotic gun enthusiast. This Derringer chambered gun earns it’s name because on this uniquely styled gun part of the Second Amendment in the U.S Constitution is engraved onto the sides of the barrels. The American flag is engraved on the handle made of rosewood. To top it all off, These guns are all made in the good ol’ U.S.A.

This gun has many awesome features to it, aside from the aesthetic. The barrel on this gun is 4′ 14 compared to the usual 3′ 12, and with just this little difference your recoil is more manageable, shot patterns are tighter, and you get a higher velocity. To throw a little cherry on top this gun comes with Bond Arm’s premium leather driving holster so no need to search for one that will fit, its the whole package.

RJ Braverman Corp. ADC Pen Gun

Not only is thig gun rare, it is extremely unique and all around cool gift. Every gun lover needs a pen gun to add to the collection, it’s only right. This single shot pistol something a lot of people will be blown away by because of its size and discretion.

When you load this single shot pistol all you have to do is fold it in half, load your single .25 ACP cartridge, and you’re all good to go. Weather the gun lover in your life is carrying out a top secret mission or just someone who appreciates a unique gift this is s a must have. This pen gun does not come with a pen holder, so consider looking for one to with this awesome gift.

Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Compact

Smith & Wesson is a brand that’s been trusted for years by gun owners and is very well known by all. This gun is said to be comfortable and very durable. This handgun is built with precision, and is one of their most accurate and reliable firearms.

This gun can handle just as many rounds as you can, which makes it very ideal for training and target shooting practice. This compact semi- automatic pistol maintains the Military and Police polymer frame design but with a few extra added features.


For your hunters and long distance sports shooters a rifle is one of the better options out there fir a gift. Any gun lovers would appreciate a good and reliable rifle in their lives, and if they already have one, they probably want another. They are that fun and a common popular favorite. There are some great options that will not disappoint.

American Tactical Imports Omni Hybrid Maxx

This modern and sleek sporting rifle from American Tactical Imports is perfect for in home defense and getting long range shots on a field. These are top quality firearms that come with a 100% lifetime warranty, they put their money were their mouth is making them very trusted.

This AR-15 semi-automatic rifle is sleek and efficient, it features a 16″ barrel, ATI’s patented over molded metal inserts. and has polymer collapsible stocks. You can also easily mount a sight onto the rail ( this is not included) to add some extra accuracy to this gift.

Barrett M98B Feildcraft

This revolutionary bolt action rifle is completely in a league of it’s own offering sub MOA long range performance with it’s straight line design and a very efficient muzzle break that tames recoil. It’s aluminum upper receiver offers plenty of versatility to mount substantial optics, night vision devices and many other accessories. You can switch it up making it feel like you’re shooting a different gun every time. This is a gun lovers must have gift.

A great feature on this gun is that the ergonomic pistol grip that drastically reduces muscle fatigue while using the gun, and provides you will total control and an adjustable trigger. The forward receiver is also designed for different accessories to be mounted at 3,6 and 9 o’clock positions.

Goes great with a long-ranged scope.

With all these fun features, safety is still a top priority. The bolt action rifle is equipped with an easily accessible safety that is thumb operated and does not compromise the firing grip, while allowing the shooter to maintain a solid connection to the cheek piece that can also be easily adjusted.

Henry 45-70 Lever

Henry Repeating Arms is one of the top five most popular long gun manufacturers in the United States. They have proven their reliability of their weapons time and time again, any gun lover and gun owner would recognize a Henry right off the bat. They offer a very affordable line of firearms that pretty much all gun enthusiasts can easily afford.

This level action rifle is available in a brass or steel frame, and both of those models will be equipped with an American made walnut stock semi buckhorn adjustable rear, an 18.43 tubular barrel magazine, sling swivel studs, and blued steel barrel to prevent rust.

Army & Navy 45-70 Line Thrower

This is the perfect gift that any gun lover would appreciate, it’s one of the most unique gifts that you can offer. Very rare and old, this gun is even still marked Roslyn PA U.S.A.

This single round rifle is a collectors item that needs to added to any man cave, this is a display piece, it can be shot of course, but it deserves to be showed off a little bit. Especially because you will be one of the only ones around that has this. Gun gifts can’t get any better than this rare find.

Taurus Circuit Judge

Said to be the best of both worlds this is an excellent gun of versatility. When you consider different gifts for gun lovers, things like this revolver hybrid long rifle are guaranteed fun and will get great use.

The hybrid provides you with the modern performance of a rifle while giving you the classic feel of a revolver. You’re able to load both colt 445 and 410 bore shot shells into this bad boy. Now when you go shooting, you can take one gun instead of two to play with. With rapid fire shooting abilities and precision this was engineered with a five shot cylinder and a single acting/ double action trigger system.


Home defense, competition shooting and hunting, a shotgun is always a great option and honestly this is something all gun lovers should already have or want more of.

Shotguns make wonderful gifts because they can be used for so many things by the gun enthusiast you have in mind. There are many trusted brands out there to choose from, you wont have to search long before you find the perfect gift.

Black Aces Tactical Pro Series

This compact design gives this 12 gauge shotgun a very sleek and modern look that would make a great gift. Most users also report a high level of comfortability that’s been integrated with the design.

One of the best features that we have noticed with this gun is the ambidextrous mag release, safety , and charge handle. Not only is this reported as being very fast on the target, but there seems to be no malfunctions using this gun in any type of weather, wet or dry this shotgun is one gun owners can always rely one.

Winchester model 101 Pigeon Trap

This is a deluxe trap gun with added features that already come equipped, all you have to do it take it out of the box. Well the gun lover you’re gifting this to has too, but you get it.

With a 10 ,millimeter steel runway rib, Truglo Tru-Bead interchangeable fiber optic, and mid beam sight offers this gun user more accurate and technical sight sight. The barrels are highly polished and have vented side ribs to prevent over heating, and have a top tang safety selector that’s easy to operate even with gloves on.


This beauty is a semi automatic magazine fed 12 gauge shotgun that shoots and looks just like a classic AK rifle. This is a great gift for gun owners because of, again, the versatility but also the look.

This shotgun is a wonderful gift for recreational shooting and some tactical fun. Pretty much whatever you throw in front of it, it’s bound to not disappoint and is capable of shooting 2 3/4″ and 3″ shells. There is a picatinny rail that’s included, so secure the optic of your choice to your gun and have a go.

Stevens/Savage Model 301 Turkey 20GA Shotgun

This single shot shotgun is a perfect gift for your practical or even your beginning hunter. It has a reliable crisp break action and a modern synthetic stock that stands up to a variety of uses in the field. For your aspiring gun lover this is a great option. This one specifically comes in a camo design for extra discretion when you’re waiting for the kill.

Learn about custom shotguns here.

CZ-USA All-American 30″ 12 Gauge Shotgun 3″ Over Under

All American is offered as an instrument of precision with this gun. It has a 4 way comb combines with adjustable hard butt plate hardware, this allows the shooter to tune the gun to their desired shooting style and dimension makign it a great over-under shotgun.

To reduce recoil going into the second shot, this shotgun fires first because of the lower bore axis of the bottom barrel which is pretty cool. A great feature for this gun is that there are multiple drop in replacement parts, so you can shoot tens of thousands of rounds a year. This is one of the better gits for gun owners because of the durability and the chance to replace parts easily.

Some Final Words

Whoever the lucky gun lover or lovers are in your life you can rest assure that any of these gifts for gun lovers would be a hit. We broke it all down for you, so no more spending all day searching for that perfect gift. From a pen holder to scopes, you have such a wide range of gifts to choose from that someone will like and it can definitely be hard narrowing down all the products and companies that are out there.

In reality its pretty simple to find gifts for gun lovers, and the majority all like the same things, if it’s an actual gun, something to do with a gun, or a product to enhance a gun, these gifts will always get use out of them, and won’t end up like other gifts that just sit at the bottom of the closet forever.

Treat the gun lover in your life with some nice gifts, and make it easy for yourself with the provided list up top. You won’t disappoint.