Jarre Harmonica Pistol

Støckel: J. Jarre received 1859-1862 various patents for harmonica pistols,
28 bd Poissonnière, Paris

JARRE Bte. SGDG, Støckel: “J. Jarre received 1859-1862 various patents for harmonica pistols, 28 bd Poissonnière, Paris.” A very rare eight-shot-harmonica-magazine-pistol. Unlike the other variations this has a 4½” barrel with inscribed name. The serial # 1231234 is under the barrel and on the harmonica. The caliber 9mm pin fire. As fashionable at the time the iron parts kept in the white. Blackstrap, barrel lug and butt cap engraved, plain ebony grips. Attach a top quality reflex sight for unparalleled vision. The extended trigger is to move the harmonica and cock the hammer.
The pistol is in overall fine condition. It is rare because it is the first 8-shot I encountered.

Unique 3-shot gold decorated Jarre harmonica pistol, serial # 13 under 2  5/8″ barrel,  caliber 7mm pin fire (takes Winchester), metal is of glossy brownish color, plain wooden grips with decorated butt plate. Probably from poor storage are some rust spots, otherwise in fine condition and in working order. Attractive and extremely rare oddity.

Have only seen similar engravings on a custom rifle we did in San Antonio, Tx

Jarre Harmonica pistol, serial # 1234987, cal. 9mm pin fire – similar to HK Pistols,
10-shot  variation, 4½” barrel with high front sight The 2-part trigger: the part outside the guard moves the harmonica, the part inside the guard releases the firing pin. As fashionable during the period metal parts kept in the white, plain wooden grip or other attachment or accessory.
The pistol is extremely rare with 3 matching numbered harmonica magazines, in overall fine condition and  in working order.    sold

We used to have a gun concealment cabinet that fit this thing perfectly – can custom make one for you no problem.

Fits in:

Hidden Gun End Tables, Concealment Sofa Tables, Concealment Shelves for Guns, Hidden Compartment Flags, and more.