Our Favorite AR-15 Pistol Grips for Your Rifle

We love our AR-15’s, and we’re extremely picky about the pistol grips we use.  The following are some of the industry leaders when it comes to AR-15 pistol grips you can rely on.

Pistol grips may not be the first thing you look for in a firearm. Yet, a reliable grip can mean the difference between a hit and a miss, especially when you’re using an AR-15 rifle. More than accuracy, grips also provide comfort and a good fit.

If you’re looking to update your AR-15 pistol grip or are in the market for a new one, our product review is here to help. We’ve gathered seven of the best grips on the market so you can find the perfect addition to your pistol.

The Top-Rated AR-15 Pistol Grips

The following seven AR-15 pistol grips all come from big names in the industry. Each one brings something unique to the table, from size to ergonomics to grip angle.

Let’s take a look.

Fab Defense Grips are a Beauty

FAB DEFENSE (USIQ) FX-AGR43T AGR-43 Ergonomic Pistol Grip

The FAB Defense pistol grip provides less wrist fatigue than many of the grips on the market. It’s made from MIL-SPEC reinforced polymer composite, giving it a lightweight feel without compromising its durability.

One remarkable feature is the backstrap, which provides a firm grip in wet weather or when you’re wearing gloves; no matter what it makes it one of the “stickier” pistol grips you can buy. The multi-texture rubber exterior also prevents the gun from slipping out of your hand.

Another great feature is the storage area. It has a hinged door and offers enough space for your small tools.

The grip comes with the FAB Defense Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. It’s also easy to install, which is another plus.

Check out this study on grip strength and grip.



hiperfire hipergrip ar15


The HIPERFIRE Hipergrip is made of top-quality material; this grip is tough and sturdy. It has a textured feel for added comfort. Plus, it boosts your control over your rifle, which makes it one of our top picks for AR-15 pistol grips.

We like how it fits perfectly in the palm for that ultimate grip. It’s a bit wider than other grips on the market, yet it doesn’t seem to feel bulky.

It’s also slightly angled to boost the handling of your weapon. This angle allows you to fire off quick shots while also maintaining your accuracy.  

Compounded with a good red-dot, you’re gonna have a good time.

There’s an ergonomic bump at the top of the grip. Also, the smooth backside increases the overall stability and firmness of the firearm in your hand.


Hogue Pistol Grips are Great

Hogue AR-15/M16 Overmolded Rubber Pistol Grip

This Hogue grip is all about control and comfort. It’s made from fiberglass and over-molded rubber for a lightweight, yet durable, feel.

What makes the Hogue pistol grip stand out is its rubber over-molding. It provides ease of use compared to other grips on the market.

The rubber also absorbs some of the recoils. This allows you to fire off quicker without compromising your precision.

Hogue also has good AR10 options.

We like the finger grooves, as well as the palm swell. Then, there’s the added texturing, which works just as well when you’re wearing gloves.

The Hogue comes with space inside the grip. It’s big enough to carry small tools and gadgets.


the ARA3200 is a comfy grip

Advanced Technology ARA3200 AR-15 Pistol Grip

The Advanced Technology grip has a classic build and comfortable design. It’s made to fit either AR-15 or the AR-10 rifle.

One feature that caught our eye is its durability. Made from glass-reinforced polymer, this is one sturdy pistol grip. It can handle itself pretty well in all types of weather, and even when you’re wearing gloves.

Another winning feature is its Sure-Grip textured surface. This is a prominent design feature that boosts control and gives you a firm grip over your weapon. It fits perfectly in all hand sizes.

This grip is a straightforward one-piece design. It’s easy to install on your pistol using the original mounting hardware.

One of the more versatile ar 15 grips.


Promag Pistol Grips

ProMag AR-15/M16 Tactical Pistol Grip

The ProMag features a one-piece design made for endurance and control. It works to provide you with control without tiring out your hands.

This grip is made from highly durable polymer. Being only one piece, there’s nothing to break apart or disassemble. Plus, it makes it easy to install—just make sure you use the original hardware.

We found the finger grooves practical. They provide a reliable reference point for our fingers.

Another great feature is the surface of these grips. You’ll have no problem using the ProMag grip no matter what the weather is like. Even when you’re wearing gloves, you’ll have full control over your firearm.


AT Scorpion Grips are great

Advanced Technology International, AR-15 X2 Scorpion Pistol Grip

The Advanced Technology International grip is comfortable to hold. Made of high-quality polymer, this grip offers precision and full control.

Featuring a two-piece design, we enjoy how this grip brings your hand down somewhat. This brings your trigger finger just in line with the trigger for a straight pull which makes it one of several pistol grips I like to use.

This grip is wider than many of the grips on the market. It offers a solid feel in your hand while reducing wrist fatigue.

One feature we like is its rubber design on the back. The texture covers the front of the grip. Both work to reduce recoil and absorb some of the shocks.



Hera grips in different colors

Hera 110802 HFG Pistol Grip

The Hera HFG pistol grip is made from black polymer. It feels light in your hands yet maintains its durability.

These grips are really sturdy feeling under any weather conditions.

This model comes with a handy storage area for any of your small equipment. The cover is a push-out design for easy access.

We like the Hera grip because it consists of one piece, making the installation process less of a hassle. Plus, it provides better handling of your gun.

Also, there are two textured surfaces on either side of the grip. They prevent your hand from slipping in rainy weather or when your palms are sweaty. Texture also improves the precision of each shot while providing a comfortable hold.



The Top Selling AR-15 Grips on Amazon

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Covert Clutch Universal Tactical Grip Sleeve - The Original Hex Pattern Gun Grip - 100% Made in USA
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  • ☆Distinctive ventilated side panels and finger grooves provide more instinctive gun orientation and a professional look.

Some Final Thoughts

Picking the right AR-15 pistol grip can be overwhelming with all the options available on the market. We hope our product review and buyer’s guide can help steer you in the right direction.

AR-15 may be smaller and more fun to use than standard rifles. Still, you can get much more out of these firearms by adding pistol grips. Grips improve your accuracy. Plus, they make you feel more comfortable, more confident, and more in control of your weapon.

If you think we missed the pink options it’s only because we have a whole page dedicated to pink firearms!