Kolibri Ladies Pistol

Kolibri, Erika

in 1913 Franz Pfannl, Krems, Austria developed the small center-fire cartridges for the lady’s purse – check out these girly guns for sale.
good information: Bob Urso, The Tiniest Custom Guns

Franz Pfannl’s ERIKA pistol,
no visible serial #, rifle caliber 4.25mm,
2¼” barrel,
5-shot magazine, release by push button on back strap,
checkered hard rubber grips marked ERIKA,
contemporary advertisement “flat like a note book.” Check out more accessories reviews here.
With better than 90% original blue and in good working order in excellent condition.
Very rare      reserved

extremely rare original tiny tin can containing twelve cartridges in fine condition. The smallest semi-auto 2.7mm. One Cent Lincoln for size comparison. The tiny container was part of the cased set
(not included)
. Put a top rated .308 Scope on it.

size comparison: 2.7mm (circa 0.10″)
4.25mm (circa 0.15″)
.45 ACP Winchester Reviews
.577 Revolver

Fits Well in:

Flags for concealment, clock firearm safes, tactical nightstands, concealed wall art,

Refurbished in San Antonio by a professional gunsmith