Custom Made Rifles Built To Order

The Gun Source no longer builds weapons but can point you in the direction of the right person who can build you your dream rifle. Quality, custom-built rifles that won’t break the bank! The Gun Source knows who has the potential to build you any kind of rifle you can dream up.

The Gun Source is your premier stop for information on custom-built rifles.

At our old shop in San Antonio we were capable of producing the rifle of your dreams, all you had to do was give us a call.

Though we no longer build firearms for customers, we know the people worth contacting if that’s what you’re on the market for.  Master gunsmiths are on hand and ready to take any order.

A lot of these folks specialize in AR builds like custom AR-15’s, AR-10’s etc. but can build you just about any platform you’re looking for.

They can build just about any rifle you can imagine.  Give them a look. 

Reputable Custom Rifle Vendors

Custom Rifle Builds and Counting

Have a Custom Rifle Build In Mind?