Looking for a Custom Shotgun?

The Gun Source no longer builds weapons but can point you in the direction of the right person who can build you your dream shotgun.  If you’re in the market for a shotgun that thinks a little “outside the box”, then have a look and get started on building your dream shotgun today!

At our locations in Texas we build some of the finest custom made shotguns you can imagine.  We’ve built just about any kind of shotgun you could possibly be looking for.

While we no longer build custom made shotguns for client, we do know the vendors worth contacting when looking to build the perfect weapon.

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Considering a Custom Youth Shotgun

The short answer is YES. There are many things that go into builiding a custom shotgun, and even more so for a 6 year old. I would start by suggesting we start with a .410 gauge chassis and move forward from there. There are things to consider when making these decisions however.

So what are the top priorities to consider?
1. We should consider the size of your child. Both height, but most importantly arms length, will be important factors in making sure we provide a firearm that is comfortable for your child to shoot (proper fitment).

2. We need to explore the action. Many young shooters have difficulties with pump actions due to the physical force required to chamber/eject casings. This will be an important thing to keep in mind as it goes both into the “fitment” category (as in will this suit my childs needs properly, be enjoyable, etc) as well as the “safety” category (making sure your child can physically handle the firearm itself), which brings us to the final point.

3. The safety aspect of the build. Aptitude, knowledge and physicality all come into play here, and all three are paramount to a well rounded “fit” for your child. The aptitude portion has to deal with response to recoil, sound etc. If, for instance, he/she fires the first round and doesn’t like it, we definitely want to make sure there is a responsible adult nearby the child to prevent an accidental “flagging” (pointing gun towards others) if the child decides to turn away to hand it off to someone because they are scared, etc. This coincides with knowledge and proper training prior to the first shot on what to expect when he/she first pulls the trigger, as well as the basic gun safety rules. The final aspect, physicality, has to deal with the child’s physical ability to handle the firearm itself, including controlling recoil, holding steady, proper posture while aiming etc.