We The People IWB Holster Review: Worth It?

We tried out the We The People IWB holster to get a feel for it and see what we thought.  Check out the article to learn all you can about this cool holster.

It can be a difficult process to trying to find a standard appendix carry that is both good for beginners and veterans all around. If you go to your local firearm dealer, purchase your full-sized pistol, and you now decide that you want it to be on your body 24/7, you might find it a bit difficult to conceal your firearm comfortably.  Fits most popular handguns!

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There are tons of carry holsters are the market today and it can be daunting to make the correct choice for your pistol. You have full body armors, minimalist designs, and standard holsters, but they all their pros and cons. Full bodies can remain uncomfortable after hours of use, minimalist holsters don’t allow for full and proper protection and security of your firearm, and the standard holsters have a big range in the market that you can never tell what you’re going to be getting.

They also have advantages though so it can be a nice purchase for the time being but if you want a great pistol holsters that will last you and serve you, we are recommending you the IWB Appendix carry holster by We The People.  It’s simply the perfect option to accompany your favorite tactical clothes or purse.

The IWB Appendix is a reliable, minimal, amazing appendix carry for the Glock 19 with a TLR-1. We are big on safety and portability, so we have made sure that the carry fits completely snug around your handgun. The appendix is complemented best with the IWB Belt. Our appendix carry has a nice retention, so it won’t pop out if you’re running around. It’s also complemented with zero fault points with no slip ups.

This is one of the best appendix carry holsters on the market currently for the Glock 19 with it’s lightweight and ideal designed build, the perfect snap Click, and the protection of all your needs.  A common problem we know wearers run into is concealment, so the IWB has been worked on, so it reduces the amount of firearm that is shown.

Our own idea of adjustable screws for an adaptable fit for you. The appendix carry cover has its great protection even when it comes to the handles. I know it can be difficult to find carries large enough to completely cover everything and allow the space to be withdrawn when needed. It sits nice and tight to the body to keep it nice and uptight to allow fast grip so when it pulls out and have great control of your firearm. The appendix is made of Kydex which is a type of polymer, and it holds up well.

The comfort seeker might find this approach a bit off a first glance, but the high support it provides for you for protection is what we seek out of the most and what the appendix offers. Your pistol will sit nice and firm on your body and you will notice minimal discomfort when it comes to most wearers.



We understand that there are different types of hybrid polymers, so these sits better on your body and won’t jam whenever you’re doing normal activities like going to church or driving around in the car.

We The People really did well with this holster.  Everything stays nice and tight which is amazing for comfortable and not jamming in places it shouldn’t. The taller ridges on the top of the appendix also allows for suppressor height sights to be used as well. If you have a threaded barrel and maybe use a suppressor, you would be able to fit because of all the excess room we allowed.

The safest place to secure your firearm so that is it easily accessible and available is on you. It is supervised under your control. If you desire all the attributes and are ready to make the jump to the IWB, you can’t go wrong with the IWB appendix carry by We The People.