We The People IWB Belt Guide: Good Option?

We tried on the We The People IWB belt to see how we felt about it compared to the belt we were currently using, and wow were we impressed.  Check out the article to learn all you can about this cool holster.

Unless you are looking for a pocket or an ankle carry, the only other option for carrying your gun is with a concealed carry belt. Waistband carry on both the inside and outside is the most popular method currently. Since that is the case, a solid gun belt will be required. There are different types of concealed belts on the market so it can be difficult making a choice on what is a good fit for the current wearer.

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For those looking into getting a belt for their firearm, look nowhere else as we will be discussing the different type of belts to compliment your firearm and personal needs. Normal tactical belts can have an airplane like buckle and an adjustable strap for your needs. This sounds good at first but the amount of jamming that can be created with these belts would draw me away from them. This could be a problem for newer wearers as they would be off put by how the belt looks and would influence their decision to buy a concealment belt. The IWB belt covers the option of looking like a normal belt but serving its purpose of concealing your firearm on you.

We know that function is the first and foremost important aspect. No matter what, the belt must carry out its role of holding the pistol wherever the wearer has positioned it. The belt can make a great gift for any weapons lover.  The belt also must allow your gun to be withdrawn at any point with no faults or struggles. That is why we love the IWB Appendix carry belt.

The IWB Appendix belt is much more structurally ridged allow more weight to be carried on with no resistance of the belt being worn. We know the importance of having the comfort of your firearm next to you without the fact of knowing it’s there based on feel. The belt looks like it’s made to help prevent discomfort and I’m pleased with seeing the fact that they are taking the accountability to do that.

As far as options go for the belt, we only offer one color which is the standard black edition. We are looking into getting more colors to provide our customers with a more customizable fit for themselves, but this belt right now is ensuring the quality of weight upkeep the firearm.

Gun belts are typically a fewer pounds heavier, but this addition is something the belt can handle. With the extra weight, you would assume that your belt will sag as you holster the pistol, and eventually will warp the material as it has been put under a lot of stress. The IWB belt offers that extra stability for minimal sagging and warping to allow your belt to last longer periods of time.

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However, with this belt being around and the other options for belts out there, it can be a difficult decision making for what kind of belt to go for. Our material is of high material but the belt itself is cheap so we can allow each customer to be happy with every buy. We want this to affordable option for people and the way we go of making it allows that to happen.

There is a clip buckle in the front to ensure more safety of your belt not coming off at no convenience. Everything seems symmetrical with each other allowing the benefit of the belt to accommodate your firearm needs. It’s a nice everyday that would be used when you’re around carrying the firearm.


Final Thoughts

Overall, the IWD appendix belt has great quality, serious weight support, structurally support ridges, and a safety buckle in the front with makes it a perfect, all-around belt. This is a higher quality material and a nice resistant belt.

If you’re on the market for a conceal carry belt that’s gonna be comfortable and reliable, then we have to say that We The People really did an amazing job with their IWB belt options.