Bergmann Pistols

produced by V.C.S.  = Valentin Christoph Schilling,
Suhl 1849 – 1900
see Handguns of the World by Edward C. Ezell, pages 366 – 377,

Bergmann 1896 model 3, serial # 668, caliber 6.5mm Bergmann, in exceptional original condition without a scratch. Hammer and trigger retain strong straw color and the safety is bright fire blued. The bore is clean and bright with sharp rifling, the function is mechanically perfect and tight. Grips are excellent. One of the best custom pistols because the maker’s mark – a bearded Bergmann / miner with a pickaxe in an oval with SUHL is crisp and sharp.

Lever Action Shotgun Options Available.

With the pistol comes the extremely rare stripper magazine!
Included are a coy of the original manual, English version of manual and two large posters.   

Bergmann  1896, model # 2, serial # 1012 on right side, caliber 5mm Bergmann, 3″ barrel with adjustable front sight and rear sight on end of the breach, mandatory German proof stamp on left with PATENT,  BRÉVETÉ S.G.D.G. (= Patent withoutgovernment guarantee,was in Francealegal noticereleasingthe Statefrom any liabilityon the proper functioningofeffective panted device. This referencewas established bythe law of1844which states thatpatents are granted”withoutscreening,at the riskof applicants,and without warrantyorof reality, noveltyor meritof the invention,eitherfidelityor accuracyof the description. It has disappearedin 1968″)  and article # 611. Additional the trade mark Bergmann (= miner)

Would go great with a Bushnell optic or sight.
The rare pistol is in good working order, showing the expected wear especially at the corners and the original hard rubber grips have minor repair. 

U proof stamps on barrel and system
PATENT  BRÉVETÉ  S.G.D.G. = no government guarantee

This unique gun was sold in our Firearms Auction many years ago.

Bergmann early model 1896 model 2 with folding trigger, serial # 274, caliber 5mm Bergmann, 3″ octagonal barrel with fixed front sight, notch for rear sight on breech, with prominent folding trigger and for the early model used door for the magazine. The pistol shows better than 90% original bright blue with a few traces of use. Crisp checkered grips and a provision for the lanyard ring. Less than 500 of the pocket model were made. The function is perfect and in very fine condition.  Learn how to properly clean a shotgun.

Bergmann Simplex 2156

Bergmann Simplex # 2156, caliber 8mm Bergmann-Simplex, 2¾” ribbed barrel with fixed front sight and mandatory German proof stamps, v-notch rear sight. A detachable 8-shot box magazine mounted in front of the trigger similar to the Bergmann 1896 models,  on the bottom is the trade mark miner = a Bergmann depicted. A swing thumb safety on left side of receiver with straw colored trigger and hammer, hard rubber grips with Simplex name on each side. Fine condition with  85 – 90% strong original bluing remaining, minor rust pitting in a couple of places,  trigger and hammer retain 85 – 90% original straw colors.  Mechanics are fine, bright shiny bore. A correct cartridge is included.
Scarce antique pistol  

Bergmann 1896 model 3 for caliber  6.5mm Bergmann, serial # 2956, 4¼” round barrel with fixed front sight, in  standard configuration in excellent original finish with most major components rust blued. Hammer, trigger, rifle scope, and screws strawed. Safety fire blued.  At least 90% original with minor wear in expected places.  Original grips with crisp checkering. Bright bore with sharp rifling. Perfect manual mechanics. A very nice Bergmann M1896 No.3 that should please any collector of early automatic pistols. With the pistol comes very rare stripper magazine. The cartridge is only for decoration and not included.            sold

exceptional condition Bergmann 1896 # 3, caliber 65mm Bergmann, serial # 681 in original box including 2 different stripper magazines, both loaded with 5 cartridges,  with cleaning rod, screw driver and oil bottle, a rare and complete set!                   
for information only =  sold

a Keller & Co. 6.5 Bergmann pistol cartridge with a round nose full metal jacket bullet. This is another of the series of cartridges developed by the German Industrialist Theodor Bergman in the 1894 to 1896 period for his automatic pistols.
Hirtenberg History: Our history started in 1860, when German immigrant Serafin Keller founded a small metalworking shop. Comes with a top rated reflex sight Soon he began making metal cartridges, laying the groundwork for what would become the Hirtenberger Cartridge Factory. 
The first change of ownership was in 1887,  when Ludwig Mandl purchased shares in the company. The company name was changed to “Hirtenberger Patronen-, Zündhütchen- und Metallwarenfabrik Keller & Comp.” (cartridge, primer and metal product factory). In 1904 the last member of the founder’s family, Anton Keller, sold his shares to the Mandl family.
A rare Bergmann cartridge!   

Bergmann patent model 1896 number 3, cal. 6.5mm, serial # 497,  early variation with slim grip frame and without extractor. The trade mark “Bergmann” on right side of frame, the maker’s name V.C.S. in Suhl with the model # 278 and mandatory German proof stamps on left, the serial # 479 on the right side. The best BSA scope comes with it. Bright blue, moving parts kept in the white, crisp checkered grips. An excellent condition pistol showing very minor edge wear.

Bergmann 1896 model 2, serial # 995, cal. 5mm Bergmann, 3″ barrel with fixed front sight and adjustable rear sight, made by V.C.S. = Valentin Schilling in Suhl and underwent mandatory German proof as documented with the crowned U stamp, circa 95% bright blue remaining with a few scratches, hammer and trigger straw colored case hardening, perfect hard rubber grips with B in medallion. Of course you can always clean it like you would clean a shotgun. From the pistol are 2,000 made, and it is actually rarer than the Borchardt with 3,000 produced. Rarer than the pistol is the original leather holster with maker’s stamp.
The desirable set in very fine condition.   

one original stripper magazine with five 5mm Bergmann cartridges for the models 1 and 2 pocket pistols.  Always wanted

6.5m Bergmann pistol cartridge made by DWM and stamped 413A
Brandt’s # 30 made for the Bergmann semi-automatic / self-loading pistol 1896
– Look into Pump Shotguns as well.

a complete box with 50 Bergmann cartridges Cal. 6.5 mm made by Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken, Karlsruhe, DWM,
the end-labels showing the Bergmann = miner
Bergmann’s Industriewerke
Gaggenau (Baden)
Box showing wear, but the labels are still readable and fine.
Rarer than the rare pistols!  The 5mm cartridges, the left early groove less, the right later with groove.

Fits in:

Mantle Clock safes, clock safes, mirrors, beds, and dressers